Walk your Own Way

Follow the path of everyone else and you’ll end up in the exact same place, follow your own path and end up some place where all your dreams collide.”

When was the last time you believed in yourself, stared down the barrel of fear and leapt into the unknown?

And I don’t mean rolling your yoga mat out the front of class (this still deserves a pat on the back) I mean backing yourself and facing a fear deep within you.

A fear that makes you crumble at your knees, a fear that has stopped you from dancing in the light of the true you.

A fear you’ve probably never, really admitted to yourself.

Because playing it safe and following the rules are the path where everyone else is going.

Fact: Fear doesn’t exists.

Fact: Facing fears are easy.

Fact: If you believe facing fears are easy, they will be.

Want to walk your own way?

Your fear is standing at the start of the path, smiling at you. (Imagine the Grinch crossed with GRU).

Face it, feel it and keep walking.

Don’t fight it, this only makes it worse. Acknowledge it, accept it and keep on walking.

Seconly, all the people on the other path, will look at you and think you are crazy for walking your own way.

“We’re all going this way, you should come as well…” (Sometimes using very agressive, undermining, questioning language).

Stop. Look around. Stop. Look Within.

Don’t ask, just listen.

This is where you start when you are going your own way.

People will offer advice on the best way to get where you are going but you should question every piece of advice that falls onto your path.

The path is never clear, easy or straight.

It’s always hazy, scary, unsure and full of your biggest fears.

However, I can promise you, when you walk your own way, the possibilities are endless and the path is one incredible adventure.

If you want to be liberated and follow what your know is out there for you…you’ll have to breakaway from where everyone else if going and follow your own path.

And at some point, you’ll have to stop listening to the noise outside, quieten and find time to listen to your own navigation.

Find your true north.

Because there is no certainty or safety in following your own path but I promise there will be joy, appreciation, strength, love, adventure, hope, excitement, sadness, disappointment, frustration and every thing with living an incredible life.

First you must stop, and question where you are and if it will take you to where you want to go.

Just stop.

Today, tomorrow and look around.

Because if you don’t, if you keep going for the sake of going, for the sake of being busy and filling your life with things and people.. you’ll never know what is meant for you in this incredible world.

So stop.

Look around and listen.

You path is waiting for you.

Be brave enough to follow it.

Be brave enough to walk it.

Be brave enough to dream so wildly it cripples you.

Be brave enough to stop where you are going to venture where you are meant to be.

Be brave enough to walk your own way.