Upward Motion

“You get in life, what you have the courage to ask for.” Oprah

The dream and where you are; it can feel like they’re universes apart.

I know, because recently I’ve been looking at where I want Bowern to be and where I’m currently working from and, let me tell you, there are a few kilometres in between.

Keep going.

Just like when you are running a marathon, you hit the 10km mark, your body starts to ache, your breath is a little harder to grasp and then you realise you have another 3 x 10km +2km to run. (HELL NO!)

Keep going.

This is why most people give up… because sometimes it gets really hard.

Keep going.

In a weak moment, or maybe when you’ve missed your morning coffee or yoga class and you’re starting to slump, you circle the drain and you give up.

And I’m calling bullshit.

Don’t give up when it gets hard, you get dirty and the dream seems so far out of reach.

Keep going.

Because there will be days where you can’t see beyond the room you are working in, the ridiculous to-do list you have sitting infront of you and all you want to do is throw it in to run away to Positano. (Or is that my dream?).

Keep going.

I had an ephipahy the other day, and not a Positano one.

If all those who dared to dream handed the power to their challenges, no one would have achieved anything.


Keep going.

Isn’t this why we dream?

To allow ourselves permission to travel to places we’ve never been, face the fears we didn’t know existed and launch ideas we thought were crazy when they first popped into our minds.

Keep going.

There’d be no Peter Pan, Cinderella or Moana (I’m obsessed with these movies at the moment) if Walt Disney let the mice run out of his dream. Flume wouldn’t have influenced a generation of music lovers if he didn’t persevere with mixing from his high-school bedroom.

The hardest part about following dreams is trusting that your current situation is only one step in the right direction (even if it doesn’t feel that way).

It’s holding onto your dream when everything around you feels a little helpless or unhelpful.

Keep going.

Keep dreaming, keep taking another step, keep moving forward, keep facing fear, keep imagining the impossible and don’t fall into the trap of defining your dream by where you are today.

Keep going.

There is an epic adventure ahead. Keep turning the pages.