The Tribe.

The Tribe.

I love Friday’s but I really love Friday’s when I hit publish on,  The Tribe.

It’s something I’ve been hiding for a while, pondered in Savasana and only dreamed of releasing into the world.

And today, I’m letting The Tribe run wild.

The Tribe is dedicated to all the inspirational people I have met on the Bowern journey and now it’s time for you to meet them.

Across the country, over the sea’s & into the hearts of these incredible people from yoga studio’s, writing desks to beachfront coffee shops, laptops, and travelling souls.

The first hails from the America’s, is an LA local who delves into nutrition & yoga like it’s her oxygen and who happened to stumble across Bowern’s path through a cheeky introduction.

Tara Curran was working as the Wellness Director at the Surf Lodge in the Hamptons when we crossed paths with her; think super chic beach shack but add yoga classes in the day and roll-up the mats for cocktail by sunset.


Tara not only organises the Wellness menu at the Surf Lodge but also travels the US talking about the importance of self-love, nourishing foods & recently her new Program Skin Food Talk. This program is one close to Tara, where she wants to change the conversation around skin & beauty to help others realise your skin health is a direct result of one’s internal health– pretty cool.

We rolled out a Bowern Mat and had a chat with Tara on her tips for keeping the mind, body & soul nourished?

  • If you don’t manage your stress and have self care implemented into your daily routines, you will never fully be balanced and healthy. Taking time out to de stress whether it be a yoga class, long walk, journaling, acupuncture, massage… can really make a difference in your overall well being. The mind can be a powerful place and you want to be able to get out of it as much as possible. My advice for someone at the start of their journey would be to pay attention to what your body is saying. To start tuning in, keeping a journal can help, making mindful choices like reading food labels before you eat something, setting an intention for your days and weeks ahead and exercise can all help lead you on a path to better balance and health.

And what is the only thing that connects Tara to herself?

  • My meditation practice is really important to me. Even if it’s just 5 mins at the beginning of my day, the routine really helps keep me grounded.

Sunday’s are our favourite days of the week, time slows and life is a little more enjoyable.. what’s her favourite kind of Sunday?

  • My perfect Sunday would start by going to the farmers market and then heading to the beach or getting into nature and hiking with my boyfriend and pup, Mowgli.(He managed to pose for a photo for us).


If you want to know more about our first member of the Tribe, check our her site & get in touch, because she has a few incredible tricks up her sleeve.  Tara Curran.

So, this is to meeting the Bowern Tribe, letting them inspire & fill your soul as they have our’s.