The Story of La Dolce Vita.

It’s the places that call you, the ones that burst open the chambers of your heart.

The destinations where you fall a little more in love with life.

The places where you realise, why there’s a reason you needed to travel there.

Sometimes around the corner, sometimes across the country and other times around the world.

A part of you yearning to be expressed from the inspiration you find in each place.

Trust in this feeling.

And keep follow the feeling.

Follow your heartbeat to another country, another city, another town.

Until this place reveals a part of your heart, you’d forgotten about.

Italy has been this country for me.

There’s something about the way Italians slow down and savour the moments of life.

Every moment is savoured & filled with colour, bursts of flavour and passion.

Oh and don’t forget about the amazing wine that flows at each meal time.

I’ve been so lucky to have traveled to Italy and each time the country moves a little deeper into my heart.

The sunsets in Tuscany, the coffee at the bars along the Mediterranean, the sunrises in Positano & the passion that drifts in the air.

The deep breathes of fresh air filled with possibility and relaxed moments.

It’s as if time slows, moments stretch and the pressure to be and do more dissipates.

This was my dream with creating the La Dolce Vita Collection, I wanted to embody what my heart felt

Especially in Positano, I remember waking up in the morning, stretching out on the balcony, enjoying delicious fresh fruit, making a few moves on my yoga mat and feeling so grateful to be alive.

I was craving to slow down, to feel every moment, I was craving to connect with the part of me that I had pushed aside for the busyness of life.

I was craving to connect with the slow.

This is what I’ve been feeling recently, getting caught up in the busyness of life, the doing, I’ve forgotten to appreciate the moments in the morning where times slows and the sunrises.

This is the inspiration behind La Dolce Vita, a desire to slow down and savour life a little more.

And a little less rushing to the next moment, finding peace in what is and enjoying every single sip.

I dare you to join me on the journey to savour, give yourself more time in the morning to be.

Love Danielle