Snap. Flash. Snap. I’ve always been a little mesmerised by the entire photography scene. Creatives working together to produce the right shot.  Imagine a vast, white studio overlooking the park; make-up artist perfecting & photographer adjusting light, all ready to capture the one exact moment.  And guess what? This was our reality. 6 Bowern Mats ready for the action. Our first, ‘Professional’ Photoshoot with Bowern set to take centre stage.  And we were already two coffees down by 10am, the excitement real.    Our photographer was a pro, 10 years in the business, and a few smooth moves with his Cannon 5D. The make-up artist, a friend of mine who is a whiz with her hands. She was there to coast on a few layers of gloss and make me look ready for a photo or two. We needed a hand model, the Bowern Mats do feel exquisite. So, I crawled into child’s pose. The light surrounding the studio.Making my eyes a little blurry.  And the music blasting from the speakers. Our photographer loves country & blues. It weirdly fit. Fine Lines, Dreamer, Sportsluxe, Spirit, Bowern, Shady Palm. All had there turn. Now it was time to get the fun shots. So we braved the cold & ventured out into the city.   “Hey, let’s recreate this shot I’ve seen on Instagram. The post-yoga walk.” Lucky my friend is as ridiculous as I am. We got every fourth shot. think we nailed it. 🙂 We walked across the street, nearly stopped traffic- all the while laughing. The camera kept flashing for much of the day. Suddenly, we had created this world. And it was a hell of alot of fun. So what if the photos weren’t for a magazine, they were for the dream I had created and suddenly that’s all that mattered.  Bowern is coming to life. And I’m knocking the dreams off one at a time. Stay tuned for our next adventure. D x