The Plan

When was the last time you went away and had no idea where you were going?

The last time you didn’t spend hours researching the perfect accomodation and scouting out the best restaurants, only to find you might as well have looked in some other town or maybe even some other country.

It’s not like the pictures, the reviews were clearly by people not like you (some are probably paid reviews), and you’re forced to admit that, frankly, you didn’t listen to your intuition. It was saying … you can’t plan everything. Just go. Just wander. Just TRUST.

I’m heading off on a Europe adventure and we’ve planned about 80%. I’m a little uncomfortable with this because I like to have life wide open for the unexpected and magic to come rushing in.

Unfortunately, the hotels don’t allow for total spontaneity in the middle of a European summer, so I’m working with the universe and doing a little bit of planning (ie. picking the countries and booking the accomodation in pretty much the most popular spots along the Italian coastline, as reviewed by hundreds of thousands of people, not just a few). I’ll post some photos.

And today as I was daydreaming, I had an epiphany and thought this is how life needs to be lived: maybe not 80% plan and 20% magic, but more 50% plan and 50% magic.

I’m talking about having the idea of where you want to go and the dream of what you want to do, but not being too specific on the plan, like how you are going to get between every place, when and with whom.

I have an example for you.

I believe people come into your life for a reason; they are pulled onto your path and they sure as hell weren’t part of your plan.

When I was back in my TV days (you guys can google me, it’s a real thing), I was pretty fixated on getting a job as a weather presenter.

As you can guess, four free-to-air channels in Australia and one pay tv network offering news – it was pretty slim chances!

I’d just finished a few years in Europe and wanted to re-enter journalism. I went back to the Gold Coast and was getting in contact with every contact or producer I could think of to ask for a foot back in the door … and most gave a pretty resounding NO.

All I knew I wanted was to continue the FUN in life … so I called up my first boss, and asked for my job back as Thredbo snow reporter.

It was an incredible season and Thredbo has a little corner of my heart (I’ll tell you this story another day). Right at the end of the season, I was sitting by a fire, sipping a cider, and one of the Thredbo locals who happened to be a full-time Sky News weather reporter was sitting beside me.

He suggested to me that I email my CV to his boss …

And the rest is history (but again, it’s a story for another day).

It was my dream for years and my way of getting there was by climbing Mt Everest without any mountaineering experience and probably in my bikini, but full of hope and determination to get there somehow.

You get the picture.

All I had to do was follow the fun, follow where my heart wanted to go, and be patient that things would work out.

I had 50% of the plan or the dream and the other 50% was pure magic, led by the universe.

I dare you to try it.

Your life could just change dramatically … you might even find yourself somewhere you never could have imagined, like starting a business and selling Bowern yoga mats! Only the universe really knew what was in store for me.