The Opening.


It’s all sparkling and brilliant, everyone is full of serious excitement and plans are underway in this untracked territory known as the New Year.

New you, new goals, new manifestations and I bet it goes along the lines of: the most abundance, success, connections, health (insert desire in here).

The first week of January rolls around, you squint open one eye, there might even be a slight hangover and dull headache from the night before, and you hold your breath and look around.

Everything looks the same, feels the same and let me guess… is the same.

Don’t worry, I’m right there with you.

I am all about bringing in the new abundance, success, love, travel opportunities and other goals, but it’s still looking a hell of a lot like 2017.

Hey, I know we’re only a few days into the new year and new you, and perhaps this will simply serve as a little reminder to stop wishing away from where you are.

Perhaps where you are is exactly where you need to be.

Here’s a little reminder to stop spending so much time dreaming back into the past, or into the future where you want your life to be… and acknowledge the place right now.

Maybe the reason you haven’t started moving forward like you dream about is because you haven’t truly accepted where you are?

Have you been pushing, striving, chasing, driving, and hunting so fast forward or maybe reflecting backwards that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to truly look around and say, yes, this is exactly where I am right now and this is exactly where I’m supposed to be?

And you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t look very pretty, especially if your plans didn’t proceed as you thought they would.

Surely by this age, this year, this moment, you’d be (insert dream right here).

Then comes the overflowing negative thought processes and grudges against yourself.

I’ve had a clear, juicy epiphany: “I accept that I’m sitting in the rubble and I’m the diamond.”

What if where we are is never where we want to be?

What if we are always chasing the next high, the next moment, the next piece of the puzzle?

Let me tell you, we are never, ever going to get there and never ever feel like we belong in this life.

So stop wishing away this imperfect moment and learn to shine in it anyway.

“I accept that I’m sitting in the rubble and I’m the diamond… and I’m going to shine anyway.”

Be you and shine, even though you aren’t living in the life of your dreams yet, your bank account doesn’t reflect X, Y & Z, and whatever other dreams haven’t come true… yet.

Decide to shine anyway.

And use the passion as fuel.

Use the rubble as a polishing tool.

Shine brighter, right now, in this moment.