The Leap

You know the feeling when your toes are dangling over the edge and the wind is howling towards you.

And your heart pulsates through your body as you stare into the darknessYour heart starts racing as you stare into the darkness.

You have a choice to make, you need to move but you have no idea where you are going.


You feel frozen in the moment, seconds feel like hours, your body heavy and suddenly your mind has one million reasons to go backwards.

But trust me, jump.

As the saying goes, you only need 10 seconds of insane courage.

And when you jump once, you’ll keep moving forward… again and again.

You just need the courage to take one step because the universe will give you two.

Don’t believe me.. I’m living proof and so is anyone who is following their dream.

I made the decision to launch Bowern at the Wanderlust 108 Festival on Bondi Beach, with a hobbled hop, skip, leap.

Oh and a collection of Bowern Yoga Mats I’d spent months planning and designing and was about to release to the world.

We set-up at 5am, watched the sunrise over the horizon before the thousands and thousands of Sydney locals hit Bondi Beach for Wanderlust 108.

Here I was waiting and feeling strong (leaning on a crutch) and confident (mostly petrified).

10 seconds of insane courage.

And guess what… Bowern Sold-Out at Wanderlust 108 in 2016.

No Yoga Mats were left!

I took the one step, the universe handed a few metres.

So, here is the sign to begin.


Start the business you’ve dreamed of, take the acting class you always wanted or hell move to Italy if the land of passion & food is calling you.

Take one step and then another and another.

Put your hand over your heart, listen to the beat and leap.

Here’s to one of my insanely courageous friends who leaped to London after dreaming about it for years.

I guess you can tell the rest of her story; dream job and house with cats (she loves cats) all in just one week after touching her toes in London.

Just take one leap.

And eventually you’ll find the flow and the leaps will be more like steps until your dreams get bigger.

Just find the 10 seconds of insane courage and leap.

The plan doesn’t need to be finalised, I’m changing mine all the time.

Just make sure it’s full of leaps.