The Hunt.

Have you found it yet?

You know, the piece you’ve already spent so much of the day dreaming about because you know it has everything you’ve ever wanted.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

The dress, the perfect bodyweight, the car, the apartment.. the piece you seem to be missing.

And are craving so badly because…it’s going to fulfil you (right?).

Stop looking… because you probably won’t find it.

Or if you do, you won’t feel fulfilled or as insanely amazing as you had hoped.

I’d know; I’ve traded so much of life in the hunt for shiny desires and I’ve seen some of the best people lost in the glitter.

There’s only one problem with the glitter, it leads you to an empty treasure box.

See the part they forget to tell you, the hunt destroys the moments, the bliss, the love and treasures of life.

How do I know this?

I spent years being around the richest people in the world. Not Sydney wealth. Wealth that is gobsmacking beyond imagination.

I’m talking about the billionaires of this world. The ones who order a pastry to be flown in from Paris for their breakfast when their boat is in the Bahamas.

Or who fill their floating mansion with Evian water … and I’m not talking about in the fridge. I’m talking about in the water tanks. You can shower in pure Evian water, and even flush the toilet with it.

Extravagant obviously, but wonderful, right?

Everything you’ve ever desired right at your fingertips?

The hunt is over … surely

No. See it’s never over when you are searching for the shiny things in this world.

On all the floating mansions I worked on, I never saw a twinkling smile, never heard a roaring laugh.

There were giggles and fits of laughter but it wasn’t from the guests upstairs drinking the finest champagne and eating caviar.

It was from the crew downstairs, who were working 18+ hours a day. It was the stewardesses in the lower decks sneakily trying on the dresses when the guests went ashore or ironing their 10th set of pillowcases that day. Endless chatting and laughter.

I’m not saying don’t have dreams. I’m the biggest dreamer around. Just stop wasting today, wishing you had something else in your life that would surely make you happy.

Your treasure is this moment, right now… which is why it’s called the present.