The Dream.

The rollercoaster of chasing your dream never stops.

Some days it’s crazy and exhausting, and you wonder if you’ll ever make it to the top, then suddenly it’s exhilarating; hands-up, head thrown back and you’re flung steeply forwards into more of your dream.

And other times, you are ready and waiting with the harness down, seat buckled, eyes wild, loose items fastened securely into your pockets, and you wait for the next significant moment to unfold. Tick-tock-tick-tock.

The seconds feel like days. The days feel like months. You knew there’d be lulls and you thought you’d prepared yourself to get through them, but the silence is ear-piercing. Time creeps on, but you feel as if you’ve stopped.

You get distracted by people fidgeting beside you in a cafe or on a train, and if your iPhone wasn’t stowed safely away, you’d probably be insistently checking your Instagram, emails or Facebook. Tap-tap-tap-tap.

But there’s just silence, with nothing happening or moving. Still, you can feel that something is on the way. Your eyes are staring straight forward in preparation, focused. The anticipation is rising.

Suddenly a burst of momentum will push you forwards and you’ll be flung into the next instalment of your dream.

So enjoy the calm before the storm.

Just like in yoga, breathe into the warrior pose, hold the pose strong, focus forward, calming the mind and being in the moment just before the flow begins.

Stay in every moment.

Exactly as you are.

Some days you make progress in leaps and bounds and your hands are stinging from all your high-fives, and other days, your daydreaming is way more exciting than the place or moment you find yourself in.

Maybe this is why chasing your dreams feels so similar to being in the front seat of your favourite rollercoaster.

Some days you have to level out, slow down, enjoy the breeze and count the clouds as they pass by, because soon you’ll be jolted forward, and you’ll have no idea where the next twist or turn will be but you’ll have to hold your nerve and hold on tight, because it’ll be one hell of a ride.

This is a reminder to enjoy the quiet moments because suddenly the pace will pick up and part of you will be thrilled but part of you will be wishing you were counting the clouds again.

Enjoy the journey – the entire rollercoaster ride – because you never know what’s waiting around the corner.