I don’t know how I ended up here. Life threw a curve ball and it hit me straight in the face. If you’d read my future and said I’d be designing yoga mats and meditating every day…  I’d probably have laughed aloud and taken another sip of rose.  Because it meant one thing… Failure. My dream of becoming a Television Presenter.. lost. Before.. Stardom was in my sights, the dream destination taking me all the way to the land of the stars, LA. Driven. Focused. It dictated every decision I made. My happiness & identity rested on this future reality. I idolised those already doing so; local & international stars. And I emulated their paths. University, months of unpaid internships & begun the rollercoaster of Broadcast Television. I was obsessed. I wanted this dream more than anything I’d every wanted before. I just had to wait for my perfect opportunity, hold onto it and finally I’d have it all.Or so I thought. Hi, I’m Dani & I’m behind Bowern.  I have no idea where I am going or what’s behind the next sunrise. But I do know, where I was couldn’t be further from who I am. So, here’s to letting go of old dreams, finding new ones and discovering more about this crazy, beautiful world. On here, you can follow my journey; as long, short or even windy as it may be. Until we cross paths. D x