The answer is in Being.

Something massive has landed for me recently and I want to share it with you..

And it might just be the key to unlock your dream just like launching Bowern was the key to my new reality.

For years, I’ve been someone who strives and pushes and asserts myself to get closer to A) desire.

For example, here is dream and how much can I keep doing and doing and doing until I reach it.

However, what I’ve learnt recently will hopefully flip your mind on this concept.

If you are still doing this now, STOP.

The answer is so amazingly simple.

If you are desiring a goal or a dream and you are pushing and striving and forcing yourself to keep going.. chances are it isn’t in your reality yet?


Because when something is in your reality, whether it be a dream or a desire.. you are relaxed and moving with ease, grace and flow.


So, I’ve been playing in this space and by playing I mean rolling out my Bowern Yoga Mat and stepping back into a slower practise in yoga and in life.

To get clearer on my desires and dreams.

And to move with ease, grace and flow.

And when this clarity lands, I step off Praiano, my favourite luxury yoga mat and continue to BE in the space as if my desire as already here.

You see, in the striving and the pushing.. you aren’t moving closer towards your desire, you are moving closer towards exhaustion and disease in your body.

You are in fact pushing your dream further away from you.

When you strive you create resistance and resistance blocks your desire and goal from moving towards you.

So, when you are in the doing and movement of pushing and forcing.. let go.

Come back to the lightness and play, come back to your true self.

Come back to the ease and joy and the inner knowing that your desire is already with you.. (It just hasn’t physically manifested yet).

Allow the space in your life right now, to be the space where your desire lands.

Allow the lightness and the joy to fill you up and remember to choose faith over fear.

So, I’m not saying don’t face your fears and continue to move closer to you desires.. I’m just saying do it with ease, grace and flow.

And do it whilst in the joy of being.

Because if you are enjoying the journey, it doesn’t matter about the outcome.

And soon it will be a Monday afternoon and the email of your dreams will land in your inbox — unexpectedly.

Find your ease, joy & flow.

And let the space be your answer.

Love Danielle