Seeing the Beauty.


“Why are you chasing the glitter when you have the diamond in your hands?”

Stop looking. Stop Chasing. Stop Searching.

Stop striving, pushing, seeking the next moment of bliss.

Just stop and breathe. Trust me.


Stop trying to plan the next adventure, hunting for the next career move, the next place to travel or the next person to fall madly in love with.

Just stop trying to find the next golden thread… you will never find it.

Because when you are looking for this next moment of bliss or golden will miss life.

Beautifully chaotic, magical and sometimes overwhelming life.

The moments of bliss are now.

They are the walking along the beach as your toes feel the sand underneath, the sound of the waves crashing as you dive in after a hot’s summer’s day.

The salty air filling up your lungs, the coolness as it washes over your skin. It’s the tingle of the sun on your skin as you smile into this same day.

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It’s the afternoon rosé with your long lost best friend, where your missed laughs echo into the late night.

It’s the belly rubbing of your pregnant sister’s tummy.

And sometimes the smell of coffee in the morning when you’ve stayed up the night before.. a little too late.

It’s when your favourite song comes on Spotify playlist and it adds a skip to your step.

It’s seeing your friends dare to dream, leave a job and move to a place where the sun is so much warmer and create a house of her dreams.

Or maybe it’s seeing your brother all grown-up, looking too good for his own good and breaking a few ladies hearts.

It’s when you wake up on your ski holiday and there’s fresh powder across the mountain or maybe you get to your secret surf spot and you have the waves to yourself all afternoon.

And it might be refusing to go to bed until you see another shooting star with that someone you love.

See, all these moments of bliss are now.

So stop searching, for the gold because it’s right here.

Just open your eyes, otherwise you’ll miss this little thing called life.