You know those moments when your mind quietens and you are surrounded by the beauty of where you are.

Every time you breathe, your lungs expand and you are in pure awe of the moment.

It’s as if you become part of the sunset you are gazing into.

You savour every second, as your eyes reach for the horizon and the warm breeze hits your skin.

The mind is quiet.. and you are savouring the now, as if it will never end.

A smile comes across your face, as you feel yourself connect closer and closer to the now.

It’s kind of like what happens when you fall in love.

You are swallowed up by the moment, what you see before you is so beautiful, it begins to radiate within you.

Your heart begins to radiate this sweet, sweet feeling.. like you are catching the sun on your skin after a very long winter.

You become apart of everything you see, the ocean sparkling back at you, the hot stones beneath your toes and the sun starting to tingle your skin.

This is Savour the Sweetness.

Our latest collection, La Dolce Vita, is all about slowing down in life.

Giving yourself permission to linger in the moment, stay a little longer in the conversation, stare deeper into the eyes, allow yourself to forgo the should’s and to-do-lists and purely be.

In August last year, I travelled to Positano (the birthing place of Savour the Sweetness)

Before I went on our adventure, I was racing around like a maniac trying to achieve all these outrageous goals, striving for all of these accolades until I realised I was missing the best part of life.

I wasn’t living.

I wasn’t allowing myself to really laugh with my friends, to watch every sunrise and sunset and cherish every hug & kiss.

I was too busy striving. (A little bit hilarious before I am a yogi).

It was when we turned the steep corner to Postitano, the vast ocean propelled into my sight, and all I could do was see and breathe the beauty of Mother Nature.

I was stunned & forced to Savour the Sweetness.

In a moment, I dropped every story in my mind, every notion of unworthiness, every type of striving and pushing myself purely to be.

This is what Savour the Sweetness is to me.

Creating space in your life, to allow the beautiful moments to linger.

The white of the design is the space, to allow moments in.

Entertwined with beautiful orange & blues of every passing moment and a little zing of lemon.

Next time you look at Savour the Sweetness, you’ll be reminded to linger in life.

Love Danielle