Savour the Sweetness.

I think I’m going to move to Italy.

And it’s not because of the Italian music, the aperol spritz, the caprese salad and the epic coastline.

It’s because they siesta.

Can you imagine a place where napping in the afternoon is celebrated?

Where life ebbs and flows with such ease and when the hottest part of the day rolls around, everyone retreats, enjoys lunch, family, friends, oh and a little shut eye.


A middle of the day retreat, to stretch, linger and enjoy a long lunch.

Where you can enjoy an aperol spritz or two and nap it off afterwards.

Yes, this place exists and once I found it, I didn’t want to leave.

In fact, I’m working out how I can move there for a few months of the year (why not?).

Let me paint a better picture for you (oh, and I ended up buying one of those, too).

We went to this little-known town… Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

It was hot. I mean 48 degrees hot.

As we walked down the road, it curved around the cliff, the sun beating on hot bitumen, the Italian music drifting towards us.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… (I lost count of the steps after we hit 200).

Suntanned folk and a few outrageously moon-shined pasty white folk (including me) stopped to take in the view and a breath or two.

And what a view… blue as far as the eye can see, buildings of pastels dotted below with overflowing bougainvilleas blowing in the light breeze. Is this place even real?

AND they also siesta.

We hadn’t even made down to the coastline but it didn’t matter.

The view was so insanely incredible, I wanted to absorb it all in.

Spectacular cliffs drop down to the cool blue ocean.

How can this kind of beauty exist and we can only witness it? I wanted more – I wanted to be part of it; see it, feel it and absorb it. What could I do?

Living in the moment, jumping in the cool ocean, turning 360 degrees and absorbing the view that stole my heart and took my breath away.

Sometimes we owe it to ourselves – we just have to savour the sweetness.

And Positano was oh so sweet.