We made it, we’re here.

The rush to the end of 2016 seems to be a flickering of lights, champagne chinks and endless laughs.

Now, there’s a fresh slate, new year & all the resolutions of 2017 to conquer.

Yet, the adrenalin & buzz has faded away, and the relaxation mood has kicked in.

And even though the new year is exciting with all of its unfound opportunities, I’m feeling a little bit like laying on the beach, catching all the rays & ordering another (insert drink of choice).


But the enthusiasm to conquer all your goals don’t get accomplished on the chaise lounge everyday? (or do they?)

So, I think it’s time for a little refresh.

Not quite detox but shining the light on all those things that aren’t quite working as well as they should.

Being honest, tuning in and making small changes to get excited you about head-standing through 2017.

And guess what? I’ve done the hard work for you and found a few easy ways to get a little refreshed & add a shot of enthusiasm into your 2017 in the list below.


  • Try being more mindful (don’t roll your eyes) start your day with listening to your breath, tune into the outside noises and feel the weight of your body in the bed. Don’t reach for your smartphone, laptop or IPAD and see what the rest of the world is doing, spend the first few moments on your breath and diving into you.
  • Try Swapping your afternoon sugar craving; dark chocolate, ginger-nut cookie or red snake hit for a 10-minute walk and a few deep breaths (you’ll thank me for this one).
  • Charging your Smartphone in the next room, no-one needs the electromagnetic fields beside their head.
  • If you are brave, give-up alcohol for a few days or weeks and your liver will be dancing to a new tune (Because, I’m happy).
  • Clearing space on your weekends to do nothing, leave your phone behind, grab a towel and head to the beach/park and just be. You’ll be shocked at the ideas that come flowing to you.
  • And my favourite, try do something you have never done before. Be brave, go to the new exercise class (piloxing?), try a coffee at the weird place on the wrong side of the road, grab a meal from some hole in a wall and maybe talk to the person beside you on the bus, they might have the best story you’ll hear all day.

As ol’ Dr Suess says, “If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good.”

I have a feeling about this year.