The spark, the excitement, the rush.

It’s all around you when you wake up.

It’s a burning drive and desire to do all those things (sometimes a little too quickly) to take you one step closer to your dream.

Sometimes it keeps you up at night, the excitement buzzing, the people you meet and the synchronistic events and the hours you spend planning and doing, all coming together.

It’s as if you are seeing life for the first time and it is insanely beautiful.

Until one day, nothing, zero, zilch.

Where did it go?

The spark has disappeared.

You keep waking up, expecting it to return, wanting it to come back to you. Yet, it’s gone. And no amount of repeating what you’ve done before seems able to take you closer to it.

The spark has gone, blown out, been banished, gone ka-put.

Your dream and the propelling has dissipated and you are stuck sitting on the floor, staring at yourself (maybe shaking your head at the unrecognisable person in the mirror) and wondering how you can get the spark back.

I’ve been here, and this is what you need to do: stop looking because it’s not going to be in the last place you left it.

Oh, and stop asking why, because the reason it left has nothing to do with how you are going to get it back.

You see, the spark, excitement of what “once” had you working, dreaming all hours of the day to achieve (insert dream) has been used up.

And guess what?

It won’t be where you think it is.

To find your spark, you need to step out of your comfort zone, move from behind the iPhone screen and step into something that scares you.

Or, as a Feng Shui expert would say, you need to move the energy in your life. Light the fire and get the spark back.

And it makes sense (even if you think about it purely logically) get moving your butt moving. Look at what gets your heart shining and excitement pumping. Try adding a 15-minute yoga session to your morning. (Obviously I start with this one.)

There are plenty more options. When was the last time you woke at sunrise and watched the sun move over the horizon?
Or went to the beach at sunset and watched a full moon rising (utterly breath taking)?

When was the last time you randomly surprised someone (even yourself) with a coffee/juice/tea/matcha/kombucha/water and invitation to sit and enjoy it?

Even if you have no energy, you could try an infrared sauna – that will get you sweating and your heart rate pumping. Take a day and go and work from the park, bare feet, sun shining and life smiling. Run an event. Go to an event. Do anything to shake up the stagnant energy in your life.

Soon, you’ll be re-ignited with parts of yourself you thought you had lost. Parts you forgot existed.

And even though the same spark won’t return, one that’s brighter and more vibrant will be pulling you out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get moving, and guess what?

No one is going to be able to get your spark back except you.

So stop waiting, get up off the floor and start doing things a little differently.

And don’t stress, it doesn’t have to be a major change, it can be a minor one…

Just commit to you and getting your spark back in whatever way works for you.

Maybe you can try this weekend, starting with something really quick … sometimes a hand stand is a good way to shift your perspective! And/or having dessert for breakfast.

Love, Danielle