Raise the Vibe.

So I’ve been thinking lately, probably a little too much..

And we all know our thoughts create our reality.

Now,  if you haven’t come across this epiphany yet (you probably need to start a few blog posts back).

To be honest, I’ve found myself on the negative mice wheel.

The one where you start the day with one slightly negative thought and you are running yourself upside down, exhausted, puffing and with nothing left because with negative thoughts and the mice wheel have taken over.

(Add the fact it’s the end of the year and you haven’t ticket off number one on your 2017 epic achievement list.)

Don’t fear, I’ve figured how you can turn the last few months into the plot twist you’ve been waiting for.

Raise your Vibes.

I know it’s been the “wellness word” of the year, yet have you really thought how your energy can help you radically transform the last few months of the year?

I have- because I wanted to get the hell of the mice wheel.

And I promise, it’s not a switch you turn on and everything is magically easier, it’s a muscle and you will need to stretch, push & work with to get results.

Joy & gratitude are the highest levels, sadness & stress are the suckers. Stay high as much as you can (with joy & gratitude).

1. Stop all of the negative thoughts in their tracks. “Ohh, not enough time to sleep, don’t want to get out of bed, look at my pimple, ohh my jeans are tight, what is with my hair?” It’s not even 7am and you are well on the mice wheel. GET OFF. Especially before 3pm when you are so far exhausted & full of negative thoughts, you’ve forgotten to get out of your unicorn pajamas.

2. Realise You are in control. You have permission and strength to turn off the negative talk at any moment.

3. Raise the Vibe.

I’ve figured out a few ways I can raise my vibration, get creative, because dancing to Destiny’s Child Say My Name may not be everyone’s.

Here’s my list for a little inspiration.

  • Saunas and making small chat with the others detoxing in the one million degree heat.
  • Day-dreaming.
  • Swims in the ocean.
  • Cups of tea.
  • Dancing to Beyonce or Ed Sheeran.
  • Chats with my favourite friends.
  • Minion Memes or memes in general.
  • Inspirational videos on YouTube (Yes, I go out of my way to seek the high vibes).
  • Barefeet on the sand.
  • Ocean Swims.
  • Thinking about drifting on a boat in Positano.
  • John Mayer.
  • Deep breaths.
  • Handstands.

Have fun, get creative and raise your own vibes. I promise if you get off the mice wheel and start focusing on the way you can show up in this world, your life with shift insanely and the last few months will be exactly what 2017 was meant to be.

I’ll see you at the Beyonce Tribute concert.

Love D