Making Moves

I’ve been afraid in stepping off my current path, I’ve been afraid of finding a new way of being and doing.

Sounds a little crazy, right?

It’s the famous Albert Einstein quote, ” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.”

Oh, I’m leading this army.

I don’t know how I ended up in comfortable lane?
I guess, I was done with the growth and uncomfortability, so I stopped moving forward.
I stopped making moves.
Because deep down, I chose fear over love.

I choose to stay rather than move forward into new experiences, new friends and a new life I had been craving.

So, I’ve been doing the same thing over and over and guess what?
Nothing has changed. The same path leads you to the same destination.

And my heart is still craving this new path, my soul is craving this new path but I’ve been stuck in fear.
Because growth is uncomfortable and change can be scary.

I’ve opened myself up before and vulnerability SUCKS.
So scary, I’ve managed to not make any moves in quite a few months.
And guess what?
Staying is more uncomfortable than growth and moving forward.

Over a year ago I launched La Dolce Vita a beautiful Luxury Yoga Mat Collection, I was so passionate about this Collection and worked on it for months and months.
When I ventured to Italy, I was so touched by the SLOW, by the way the Italians savoured and enjoyed life. The way meals & conversations, sunrises and sunsets were savoured. I was so excited to bring this Collection to Bowern Yoga Mats.
Yet, La Dolce Vita wasn’t as popular as Bowern Yoga’s other Collections.
I leapt, tried something different and the outcome wasn’t as favourable as I’d hoped.

And you know what?! This is what life experiences are about.
I was growing, learning and being brave.
I was leaping into an Inspiration that had touched my heart and soul.
And guess what?
Sometimes the desired outcome isn’t reached.

And I’m realising this is ok, as long as I continue to step in new directions and follow new inspirations.
I’m succeeding at life.
As long as I keep trying to walk different ways and leap into new moments.

I’m writing this because I want you to know, I have fears as well.
And sometimes leaps don’t go as expected.
Sometimes you go out on a limb and realise you are standing out there and everyone is laughing at you.
And this is ok.
Because I LEAPT.

And leaping & making moves is the most beautiful part of life.

So, I hope you join me in being brave and continuing to make moves in different directions even though it’s uncomfortable and you have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be.

We’re living and experiencing life.

It’s so freaking magical.

Let’s fly together.

I’d love to know what leaps you are moving through at the moment?

Get in touch.