Magic of Byron Bay

I have the perfect weekender just waiting for you.

It’s the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving, where the space opens up and the sky and ocean are colours of blue you can only imagine.

Byron Bay is about 40 minutes south of the Gold Coast, or on the Northern tip along the NSW Coast.

The people here are more free-spirited, the time slows, if not stops and sometimes the hardest decision you’ll make is what wave to catch or where you’ll get your next caffeine fix.

And if you find yourself down an untrodden path, don’t worry it’s sure to take you to a beach you can call your own.

So, here’s our list to finding the magic in Byron Bay.

1. The Lighthouse

The view exhilarating, the walk slightly exhausting but definitely worth it. Stand below the vast white building and look to the horizon, I guarantee you will find dolphins, whales and turtles frolicking. And if you are lucky enough to be there when the Lighthouse opens, they do tours inside the 100-year-old Lighthouse (sometimes). You’ll start to learn most things are on Byron Bay time.


Wategoe’s Beach.

2. Wategoes.

Follow the windy path from the Lighthouse down to the beach below. And you’ll find yourself at the infamous Wategoes Beach.

It’s more like a cove but still one of my favourite waves to ride in Australia (if you are like me and love the lean back, relaxed, long board wave) and one of the best places to catch the sunrise.

3. After Surf- Chow Down

The Top Shop.

Situated at the top of a hill, with big shady umbrellas, cool breeze and luscious grass to sit on- this place is perfect spot to head after a day at the beach and I haven’t even mentioned the food.

Think local, organic, delicious superfood bowls but also an epic GF egg & bacon roll or burgers at lunch. The perfect corner store for the grumbling stomach.


4. Round Two Caffeine

Why not? You are on holidays or at least feeling as though you are and it certainly calls for a second cup of coffee. And for the second hit, when you are meandering around and picking up on the Byron Bay culture, stop in at Bay Leaf  they’ve recently expanded and do one of the best cups I’ve had in town.

5. Miss Margarita

When dinner rolls around, you want something delicious, fun & easy. Head to Miss Margarita, opposite the top pub and get ready for some insatiable Mexican Food. The word is out on this place, so you’ll need to wait (only a little) for a table and usually you can drink your frozen margarita while you wait.


Get ready for a weekender and you’ll be leaving with a little more magic.