This is a call out to your inner self.

The inner sparkle that makes you… You.

The one you’ve pushed down so far, you’ve forgotten about how remarkable you are and just how high you can fly.

The one you criticise, don’t believe in, say is never doing enough, being enough, loving enough…

You know the story.

It’s time to stop listening to the stories.

It’s time to stop putting yourself down.

It’s time to stop being anything other than your amazing self.

It’s time to stop pleasing others before yourself.

It’s time to stop putting other people’s dreams before yourself.

It’s time to bring the parts of yourself that help you shine to the surface.

It’s time to shine bright.

It’s time to follow your dreams.

It’s time to remove all the parts of your life that do not align with you.

It’s time to be what you’ve always dreamt of.

Stop hiding in the shadows, step forward and own your inner & outer beauty.

It’s time to feel confident in all you have to offer to the world, the beauty of you.

It’s time to stop playing small.

The time is now.

And you don’t need anyone else’s permission to love yourself, to support yourself, to believe in yourself & to start creating your dream life.

So start now, start before you are ready.

Start by putting your hand on your heart every morning and breathing into your hearts space.

Start by whispering the words you crave by others.

Start loving yourself.

Start by saving yourself.

Start by supporting yourself.

Start by honouring yourself.

Start by being your biggest love.

Start by being you.

Love Danielle