Life has an incredible way of taking your dreams and your plans and turning them upside down, dropping you into a place you’ve never been and asking you to create a new path.

And this doesn’t happen just once; it’s a continual, shifting, moving process called your life.

What I’ve learnt about plans is that they are incredible ‘future markers’ to move your life towards but you really need to let go of how it will unfold.

Trust me, it was never, ever in my plans to design and sell yoga mats, talk about spirituality, loving life and constantly being surrounded by incredible souls on a journey to light up the world.

Hey, my plan was to be interviewing Tom Cruise in Hollywood (ahh, the irony).
And guess what?

Where I am is 100 million times better than where I wanted to be.

The universe knows and your intuition knows. You just need to create space to listen.

So, when things are falling apart, and you look around and can’t recognise anything close to what you imagined, you might just be on the best journey of your life.

Recently, I was in LA, the city of angels and I was reminded of this by the beautiful synchronicities of life.

The reminders that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be.

So you can create exactly what you are meant to create in this life.

Seem a little cryptic? Let me make it a little easier to understand.

If you are waiting around for someone to give you the perfect job? You’ll be waiting forever.
Go out and create what you want.

I love working with film and photography, and I used to be in TV (it’s in my DNA).

And guess what? Our dreams are limitless, just like the opportunities.

Sometimes you have to take the leap, create the path and believe in yourself to find the limitless.

When my boyfriend and I were in LA, we did just this.

We gathered some extremely talented creatives and shot something very exciting. (You’ll just have to wait and see what it is.)

Sometimes, you have to create your own luck and give yourself permission to.

We want to keep inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone and into the scary zone where the limitless becomes the possible.

Where rolling out your yoga mat at the front of the class becomes who you are.

Where can you step into your new path? Where can you create something new?

Excited, scared, unsure, have no idea what you are doing?

Don’t worry. I promise it will be amazing.

Love, Danielle