Letting Go of the Old You

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”


It’s a new year.

A new chapter, actually I’m feeling like it’s a whole new BOOK.

Gone is the old you.

Good-bye to the past and the playing-it-small-version-of-you.

The limited, stuck, indecisive, not sure how to move forward YOU.

Close the door, say goodbye.


The new is here, in this moment and it’s wondrously amazing.

The energy is vibrant, vivacious, limitless and exciting.

It’s pulsating in every breath you take and it’s calling-in everything you have dreamed of.

It’s surrounding you like never before, synchronising and creating the life you always knew existed.

But why is it you still feel heavy, and why is it you can’t shake the feeling that the past is lingering.

It’s because.. you are still holding onto yesterday.

You are still looking behind you, trying to get back behind the closed door.. but you have forgotten you are in a brand new space with limitless potential.

I know, because I’ve been right there.

Dancing between the past and present.

Obsessed with my old life and not fully moving into my present one.

I was spending so much time in the yesterday.

I forgot, the reason I am free now; is because I created the new.

So, beautiful soul, it’s time to turn your back on yesterday.

Send it love, kiss it goodbye, be brave and turn your back.

Cut the chords to everything from yesterday and shake (literally shake) the old energy away.

The new is here, in this moment.. and it’s going to catch you as you leap off the edge.

Stop wasting your time on yesterday. It’s gone.

Just be willing to fly.. into the new.

Because it’s already here, you just need to let go of yesterday.

Love Danielle