Leaning into Love.

Change is scary and usually when we leap into the unknown, our mind freaks (OUT) and runs back into the comfort of what it use to know.

You know, all those old negative thought patterns are suddenly playing out… again.

“Ugh, really Danielle.. back here again? I thought we went through this and you moved through that.”

“Why didn’t you plan your life better, how did end up here again?”

“Why haven’t you been doing more yoga? Why haven’t you been pushing harder and working more?”

And guess what, it’s only been keeping me safe at one thing.. resisting what is; this new and beautiful chapter.

But it’s scary because I’ve never been in this chapter before, so my mind goes back to the old familiar stories to keep me in the dark and feeling pretty crappy about myself.

So, I’m trying something a little different. (FINALLY).

Rather than punishing myself about all the things that haven’t gone to plan or the way my mind thinks they should go.

I’m leaning into love.

Spreading more Love.

Not Tony Robbin’s style, just a small shift.. a little change in the way the words & stories run through my head.

Just a little whisper, a little nudge to tell myself I’m doing pretty damn well.

“It’s ok, you are doing the best you can.”

“It’s messy but I still love you.”

“You are doing an incredible job, keep it up.”

“Hey, doesn’t the sun feel amazing on your skin right now?”

“Slow down, take a moment for you.”

I’m literally going to spend the week or maybe the rest of my life whispering sweet nothing’s to myself.. and I’ll keep you posted on how things begin to change.

I’ve realised, I can only meet myself where I am.

And right now, I need to send myself a whole lot more love and compassion.

Rather than crazy goals and out-of-reach desires.

I’m leaning into love… because I need to try a new way of doing things and the yearning and pushing and striving is not helping me fall more in love with me.

I’m ready to play more and to love and to laugh.

And I’m done with out-of-reach desires to change the word, I just need to give the woman I’m staring at in the mirror some space to grow into who she is right now.

And definitely not to punish myself for where I am but be insanely grateful for the woman I am right now.

And I’ve been doing it for the last few hours and it feels amazing.

Oh and I’ve also limited my time on mindless social media scrolling, it’s the devil my negative mind feeds upon.

So, how can you pass yourself some more love and compassion?

Give yourself a little more space in your calendar?

Spend a weekend receiving and watching Harry Potter? (Or that was just for me!).

Spend some time being kinder to yourself, finding those little moments your heart thrives upon.

Soften with yourself.

Send yourself the love you are craving.

It’s one of the earliest lessons I’ve learnt but I forgot about the biggest one.. to give yourself love, compassion & time.

Time to move through whatever you are moving through.

Time to not clean-up the so-called mess so fast you forget to smile at the barista making your coffee.

Or time to hug your best friend, because you both need it.

Send yourself some more love & compassion.

It feels soooooooooooooooooooo good & you might find yourself leaping closer towards your dreams.

Love Danielle