I fell in love on the weekend…

I packed my bags and I didn’t know why.

I left early on a Friday morning with no destination in mind but a heart wanting to explore.

No map and no idea, I just put the car into drive and waited for life to take me by the hand.

I followed this intuition of mine straight out of Sydney and past the chaos and busyness of the town.

I wound my way until I found open spaces, wider roads and even more smiles.

It was one of those magic days where the sunshine blasts through the windscreen and everything seems so much clearer as if you’ve just woken up and seen life for the first time.

I kept driving and the road curved even more deeply. Buildings turned to bushland and traffic chaos faded to silence.

Eventually an appealing turn-off appeared and there I drove until I found a gem like never, ever before. Wattamolla Beach; maybe you’ve heard of this place but for me, it was the first time.

I wandered down the dusty pathway and all I could hear was the crashing of the ocean.

The path weaved left and right until I stumbled out of the bush alcove and found … paradise. Not a soul in sight, and beautiful white sand like a deserted tropical island in the Bahamas.

I took my shoes off and walked around in the sand, the granules imprinting on the my soles of my feet.

The water begging for a swim but the cool Autumn air stopped my momentary dive into the water.

Instead, I found the silence and sat with every moment, feeling my soul coming back.

Piece by piece.

This wasn’t the destination, just a detour.

I continued my journey, along the ocean road, with all the windows down and some epic Destiny’s Child tune, purely because I’m obsessed with old school R & B.

I continued south and found a little town called Austinmere.

I felt like I’d found myself again.

I felt like I’d walked home.

I stayed for dinner at this open-air restaurant where new friends seemed like old ones, all the while sipping on red wine and listening to some sweet folk music.

And another piece of my soul re-emerged.


You see, the person I fell in love with on the weekend was me.

I listened to this heart of mine and followed it until the beats were pulsating loud enough to bring me back … to me.

And it was bliss.

I didn’t want to leave.

So, if you are feeling a little stuck or have lost the lacklustre, take the day off and spend some time falling more in love with you.

It will be the best decision you’ll have ever made.