How much are you really playing?

Did you know when you play, your vibration rises, endorphins rise in your body and you expand & suddenly everything becomes possible.

So, how much are you really playing?

How much are you letting in the insane joy, laughter, fun & hilarity?

Or have you been bogged down with the should have’s, could have’s, want to’s and don’t haves.

Let me tell you about something I ‘knew’ all about but forgot to embody. (Until a phone call with one of my most beautiful friends).

I’ve been so busy moving my life to where I think it needs to be (hustle), I’ve forgotten it’s all about enjoying the ride to where I want to be by embodying those desires.

Want to feel good when (you reach your goal), play and feel good now.

You see, I’ve been too busy missing what’s right in front of me (life).

I’ve been too busy focusing on the lack rather than the joyous ride to my desires.

I’ve been too busy dreaming about the past, I’ve forgotten to play in the now.

And let me tell you what’s changed since I’ve started playing.

And by play I mean, letting go of all of my worries, letting go of how life says I should be living and loving exactly where I am.

Loving the entire process and playing along the way.

Taking the long walk home, staying for the extra chat, lingering and enjoying more.

And guess what, more opportunities, more friends, more laughing, more playing and more of what’s possible has just moved into my life.

You see, when we are caught in our heads and focusing on all the should’s & what’s lacking.

We are actually limiting ourselves on the limitless opportunities around us.

We are limiting the potential of what can come our way.

We are limiting the possibility of what can pop-up in our email box on a random Friday afternoon.

We’ve forgotten about the unbelievable limitless reality we are living in.

What if you begin to play more. (I AM).

What if you begin to enjoy all the moments in-between.

So, if you think play is only for children..

Maybe you should ask why the some of the best ideas come from play, some of the best moments in your life come when your worries are gone with the wind.

And we insert a little more surrender and trust.

The secret is to let more play into your life.

Play and watch your life change before your eyes.

Play on the Bowern Yoga Mat.

Play the moment you open your eyes.

Play because it’s the answer to all of your desires.

Love Danielle.

Ps I’m on Day 3 and so much has already changed (I just forgot how healing play is).