Heart Verse Head

The longest journey you’ll ever embark on is the one from your head into your heart.

And this so so freaking true.

Not long ago, my head was making all the decisions… every single one.

I was exhausted, pushing, striving, stuggling, chasing, running after this dream I’d had in my head since before I could remember.

You see, I achieved this dream of being a TV presenter. I’d made it. I was presenting the weather to Australians around the world, but I was spent – emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

My head kept pushing: this is the dream, most people would kill for this dream to come true, yet this dream had come true and it was killing me.

My heart wanted to leave, just six months into the job…

Yet my head was determined to push on and continue, after all the study and work I’d put into pursuing this dream.

At one point I was surviving on 8+ coffees a day, crying at the drop of a hat (like after being lost in the grocery store aisles), feeling an overwhelming loneliness, and pushing my adrenals into oblivion.

It wasn’t until I hit breaking point that I decided to live a life from my heart.

And guess what, it didn’t happen overnight…

It took me one year to put the decision into practice.

And you know what, the universe even had to step in with a seriously broken leg before I decided to really, truly listen.

So, if you are in turmoil between your heart and head…

Give yourself a break.

Be patient with yourself – major life decisions take time.

Yoga was my confidant. The more I practised, the more I realised my head was trying to control everything, force outcomes and hog the future.

For me, following the heart is all about being in the flow and letting go of the outcome as the only thing that matters.

Loving yourself and listening to the guidance as it appears in your life, one step at a time.

I still struggle with this step!

I like the comfort of being able to predict exactly where my life is going but, like I said last week, surrendering to the universe allows the unforgettable magic to enter.

My head likes to tell me over and over that I’m never enough, there is never enough time, I’m never doing enough.

And my heart tells me that everything is unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to, I am on the right path and I am soon to meet the right people to continue with on my journey…

Patience, trust and love are all you need.

Since we’ve launched Bowern, I’ve met some of the most incredible people, who now have sacred places in my heart.

I’ve learnt more lessons than I could ever dream of learning.

I’m constantly in awe of the unexpected suprises and meetings with people who can transform my journey.

I’ve faced more fears than I can put together in words.

If you follow your heart, you’ll feel like you are walking naked down the street 100% of the time but I guarantee your heart will always, always be filled with the unexpected delights… the moment you jump over fear.

My head wants me to run and hide.

My heart believes I am never, ever revealing enough.

So, if parts of you and your life are unravelling and you have no idea where it’s all leading you, fear not… you aren’t suppose to know!

Of course, it’s unbelievably hard listening to your heart and following its guidance but it’s a practice worth showing up for every day.

And if it makes absolutely no sense, it’s probably 100% right for you.

You don’t need to know the whole picture, just the next step.

Follow your heart; it already knows the way.


*Let me know how you go.


(Photo: Writing on Juliet’s Wall In Verona, the city of love, Italy.)