How much fun are you having? I mean, laugh out loud, stomach hurts, can’t stop smiling kind of fun.  Because I just got back from the Philippines and it’s infectious.  All I can remember are the toothy, smiles. The passing grins, bursts of laughter & incredible people. It’s a mixture of beautiful chaos with intense paradise to an overload of people in one suffocating area. But, none of it matters because everyone is having fun.  It even seems ridiculous as I am writing this.  I learnt this from the toothy smiles of the Philippino kids who caught a lift in our boat back into shore after they had been surfing all day. Their island, Siargao, was celebrating celebrating which meant they get an entire week off school. I learnt this from the woman smiling as she whizzed past me, she was four deep on the back of a scooter. I looked back to catch a glimpse of four wide & toothy smiles grinning as they zipped past me to go wherever they were going. Then there was the local lady I was making moves with on the dance floor at one of the local bars: think open air bar (actually no windows, no doors), cane seats and a local band that did a brilliant job at playing out of beat together. “Just have fun, don’t worry, if you smile.. life is easier”. She said to me as she moved her luscious hips to the out-of beat music. No matter where we went on the Island, all I could hear was laughter, joking & playing. Even back on the mainland in Manilla (the population of Australian squeezed into one city). It was then I learnt this from our driver in Manila, who thought he was Schumacher and would make bets on how fast he could get you to the airport (Usually a 2 hour drive). He smiled back at us, laughed even louder and drove us there in 20 minutes. Fun is seeped into every moment, laughter in each greeting.. it’s as if time is lighter.  So next time you are doing absolutely anything, find the fun in it. Next time you are rolling your mat out, smile. Life is crazy, chaotic, unpredictable but always amazing.  So promise me you’ll flip the dog, next time in yoga.. it’s always more fun.  Dani x