Finding You.

I have a confession to make.. I have been hiding.

I have been hiding my whole self.. even though I created a Bowern to inspire you to be your whole self.

I hid myself because I believed I wasn’t enough to be seen with all of my colours.


You see, I love manifesting, spontaneity, making new friends, travelling, drinking wine on the beach in Italy, riding my bike into the sunset, inspiring others to follow their dreams, colouring outside of the box, believing in the limitless of life and living the impossible dream.

You see, I created rules, I thought by being a curated Danielle, it was the only way I could allow myself to be successful.

I use to stress myself out and continually work in the old paradigm, push and push until there was nothing left of me.

However, do you know what works for me?


The more I play, the more I work from my divine feminine, the more I open-up and express my true self.. the more magic is created in Bowern and in this amazing world.

My goal for 2019 is to step more into the light.

Show you more of me.

The girl who had a dream and created a business from this dream.

Who sometimes, gets off course, only to find herself finding her way back again.

The girl who is learning to say YES to more of her dreams before anything else.

The girl who is opening her heart to you, so when we pass each other on the street.. we’ll hug each other and recognise our true essence in our souls and the sun.

You see, the more we are brave enough to take our masks off, the more the rest of the world can be set free.

So, to step into the light and always inspiring you to be you.

Here’s to spending 2019, taking down the walls of how you think you need to be and act to be successful, liked, loved, respected.. because it all starts within.

If you are brave enough, from right now, to stand-up in this world as the true you and show your amazing & always crazy self to this world… you will be free.

And freedom, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

To connecting more from my true self to your true self.

Let’s be not afraid to unmask and undress who we have become for others.. it’s time to be all of you.