Ahh the mysterious flow of life.   Since Bowern began production, everything has mostly fallen into place. Quite literally. People and opportunities have stumbled across my path. I call it, Flow. Fall out of it and you’ll know when you are not in flow.  I was having a day, you know the ones where life seems to be moving against you. Every step seems like one up Mt Everest. I was determined but it wasn’t working and I didn’t know why.  I wanted the Bowern to be stocked in all Yoga Studios. Especially my favourite ones. But no-one wanted to talk to me. I struggled on for a few days, even hours. Answering machines and the answer no ringing in my ear. So, I let it go. I walked away. Took a breath.   I went outside, felt the sun on my face, moved into the moment and listened to the ocean. All I was struggling to achieve, I let it go.  Exhaled.   Then, something beautiful happened, I literally stumbled into the studio manager of our first collaboration.  At a coffee shop. Smack Bang.   A moment, I paused and let go. I let the flow come to me. This meeting, this moment was what i had been struggling to find. I just need it to find me.  Now I’m proud to say we are stocked at Power Living.  I’m usually a researcher, planner but not this time.. I’ve thrown my plans out the window.   I’m holding my breath and jumping into the flow.   And yes, it’s totally illogical, scares the hell out of me.   But maybe, just maybe, it might be the best thing I’ve ever done.   So, let’s see how is all unfolds. To discovering more of Bowern, to the people I’ll meet and to following the Flow.  x