Finding Space.

When was the last time you found space? I mean really found space and moved into the flow.

Left the day blank, forgot about the should’s & musts and the never-ending to-do list.

Ignored the people pulling you left, your mind pulling you right and just let go, to let the flow grab hold.

Where would it take you & what what would you find?

The mystery of life, just waiting to be found.

With Swimmers on, goggles packed and a coffee in hand. The sun shinning down, the water begging for you.

Maybe a day to discover an empty cove with crystal clear waters.

Some tunes, peace and a morning of only you.

Wander towards the sea, the waves crashing and begging for you.

Underwater if you dare, brave the cold temperatures, because the sun outside is such a tease.

Take a breath, it’s freezing, yet all you feel is the calm underneath, the currents moving as they should.

The fishes falling into the flow, the sea life moving as if not to question the currents, just to hold on and move with it.

No, pausing, stopping, questioning or asking, just pure movement.

The pull you feel, don’t question, just follow.

You’ll never know where you end up when you let the mystery of life take you by the hand.

Just breathe into the day.

Flow with the movement.

Because there are moments waiting for you.. pulling you into the flow.

Open-up, create space and breathe into the possibility of life.

It’s goddamn amazing.