The Ultimate Escape.

Craving a little Wilderness?

Feeling a little too connected to everyone and everything, your head is spinning and you are finding it harder to listen to the whispers of your soul?

It might be time to disconnect.

Runaway to the Wilderness for a few days and run into yourself.

We’ve found a place, well a few places where you don’t have to worry about packing all the camping gear or paying hundreds of dollars for the chic, luxurious retreat in the wilderness.

We’ve found something a little better, off the beaten track and the perfect place to reconnect with the best part of your life.. you.

Think nature, silence, wild animals, open fire, red -wine, space & not another soul.

If you haven’t already heard of Unyoked, now is the time to get lost with them.

Imagine packing your car on a Friday afternoon, leaving the city endless to-do lists & packing some wine, delicious food & heading into the wilderness.

No camping or big resort, where will you be staying?  In a tiny house that has everything you need for a weekend drenched in nature.

The Unyoked tiny houses are perched in six locations, two hours out of Sydney or just out of Melbourne.

The perfect getaway to reconnect.

Oh and yogi’s, the Unyoked guys haven’t forgotten about you… you can leave your Bowern Yoga Mat at home.

Every tiny house, comes with two Bowern Yoga Mats, so you can practise every morning with the sunrise.

The perfect getaway to feel at ease with your soul.