So, it seemed to be quite the ordinary Thursday until I was hit straight in the face with an epiphany…

And you’ll never guess who it was from!

The long-haired barista who happens to make an incredible cappuccino in the East.

You know when the 3pm slump hits and you crave a coffee to get you through the afternoon… it was one of those days.

So I ordered a cappuccino… the chocolate hit a recent hankering of mine.

I was standing outside, waiting for my order to come up and day-dreaming into the blue sky and humming some Ed Sheeran song.

I had a sense my coffee would be ready, so I wandered up to the coffee machine and caught the barista pouring my coffee.

And I caught him pouring a love-heart with the milk for my coffee.

Well, then he reached for the chocolate shaker to cover this heart with some a-little-is-never-enough chocolate.

I’d peered over the counter and said to him, “Awww, don’t ruin the heart.”

And he said, ” At least you know what’s on the inside.”

I was hit, maybe with something I needed to hear this Thursday.

Never forget what’s on the inside.

Some sweet love.