7am Yoga. 8am Emails. 9am Meetings. 10am Dispatch.

“I’m so busy at the moment…” Honestly, I don’t understand the “Busy” statement- it personally destroys me to be busy.

Why suddenly is there a fad, obsession with showing the world just how busy you can be?

Because ‘busy’ & I aren’t very good friends.

In fact busy likes to take a huge toll on me.

I love moments to stop, breathe, watch, sit & chill.

Some people have every second, minute, hour of the day scheduled but where does this leave room for living, letting go & having fun.

Most people are too busy being focused on the next, they’ve forgotten about the incredible now.

I mean, I know busy- I’ve launched a business in the last 3 months, signed up studios across the country & in the States and am about to launch with a big online retailer.

All the while healing a broken leg and let me tell you, busy took a toll on my health.

In the process of striving, achieving, doing,

I forgot about the best parts of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every bit about this Bowern adventure, but once I started achieving goals, I became more & more obsessed.

I was excited and suddenly I wanted to fill up every moment with achieving more goals.

I became so consumed with being busy, it was like I was going a million miles in every direction.

And obviously because busy & successful go together like rose in the South of France? Right? Questionable.

Busy took a toll on me. I never stopped to enjoy the moment, to fall back into patience and opened space for opportunities to come my way.

I was organsing, scheduling & planning the opportunities to come my way, sending too many emails to the same people with an urgency..

The more you slow down, the more you realise you have time.

Time to remember why you are doing this in the first place, to inspire people to be themselves & to have fun doing it along the way.

Yesterday, I was down on the beach- having an afternoon break, tea in hand and stretching my legs and watching the waves crash on the sand.

And I’m not saying by letting go of busy the perfect opportunity will fall into your arms.

Because this time, something better will happen… Because this time you will be sitting on the beach and look-up and see a pod of dolphins swimming past.

And it will be this- Bliss. Absolute Bliss.

So, leave room in your world for living, loving and having fun.

Because I promise there will be times when you’re busy. But for now.. let the bliss roll in.

To enjoying the rollercoaster ride.

D xxx