Something had changed. It was me and I didn’t like it. Suddenly all the things I loved in life.. were no longer alive. Somehow in the process of chasing this dream, I’d lost me. How could this be? Wasn’t this dream the answer to everything I ever wanted?       And suddenly I was scrambling to make sense. Too exhausted to live. Too exhausted to be me. My weekends spent alone working in a studio with no-one around but a blue screen. 3am wake-ups. Tears when coffee shops closed at 3pm. Blurred exhaustion. All of it never-ending. But I was living the dream? Or so I thought. To my teenage self, and so many others, I had accomplished my dream. Yet it didn’t feel like I was living a dream.  I turned to yoga. To Cope.                                                                                                   Once a week, I stepped onto the Mat and found myself again. It grounded me. Sometimes I cried. Sometimes I couldn’t get off the ground.   I needed an exit plan. Maybe I didn’t have the strength, couldn’t handle the hours Maybe I didn’t want it enough. Or maybe, I decided my reality wasn’t worth the dream.   Yoga became my escape.  This was where everything started to flow. The people I spent time with, the hobbies I fell into. Suddenly this creative side was flowing out of me.  I was writing every day, I played with watercolours and spent afternoons in the park painting and dancing in the moonlight.  This is when the Bowern journey began. x