Celebrity Yoga Instructor joins theTribe.

” Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Ever met someone who has sent you spinning with inspiration?

Someone who helps you realise your dreams; because they are boldly living their dream?

The Bowern Tribe is just this, incredible people who will inspire you… just like they have inspired us.

Let me get started on one Incredible Yoga dynamo, she’s trained and taught around the world with a few students you may know.

I’m super excited to introduce our latest member of the Bowern Tribe, Celebrity Yoga Instructor Charlotte Dodson.

She’s grounding, nurturing & has an incredible journey to share as a yoga teacher & motivational speaker.

  • It’s always interesting how yoga turns up in someones life, how did Yoga come into your life?


It all started over 17 years ago when I broke my arm surfing…. I was working in advertising and the accident threw me onto another completely different but better path, sometimes when accidents happen they give you life-change-moments where you check in where you’re at and what you want to change.  I realized yoga was my path, teaching yoga was always natural for me, right from the beginning. My aim is to spread the words of positivity to the masses. Yoga is a lifestyle, it’s my passion – and it’ll stay with me for life.


  • You’ve trained across the world and with a number of yoga disciplines, what is the one piece of advice that has struck a chord with you?


After experiencing a number of yoga disciplines, I found Ashtanga to be life-changing in all aspects, it’s my savour and sanctuary! Ashtanga is a life long journey of challenges, growth and achievements..  it keeps me on track, well my teacher, Eileen Hall does! Sometimes the lessons have been pretty confronting, but if it doesn’t challenge us it wont change us! Once my teacher said to me ‘what’s the hurry’! I realized that I was not only rushing to the yoga room, during my practice and back out – that actually I was also rushing through life! It’s a powerful realization that sometimes you just need to stop, take a moment and breathe!


  • What advice would you give to someone starting out with yoga?

Stay enthusiastic. Sometimes life can have its challenges – the key is to keep moving forward, fearlessly, and the challenges soon fade away. Like in a yoga class – as we build strength and openness, and as the poses become easier, they eventually slip away, transforming the practice into a moving meditation.

  • After all these years, what has yoga taught you?


To B-R-E-A-T-H-E! Breathing is such a powerful tool that many of us underestimate. Our breath represents who we are – whether it’s quick and rushed, shallow or deep or whether you breath is long, slow and mindful. It’s a great ‘check in’ to see where you’re at. Taking deep breaths can release tension, brings you into the moment, and calms you down. After over 15 years to a daily Ashtanga, I’ve realized my breath is my savour, especially when poses are confronting or challenging.

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?

People always say I put my whole heart into everything, and more! I’m pretty ambitious and creative, I go for life – and love to laugh along the way, laughter really is the best medicine.


  • How do you connect with yourself?


Practising yoga! This could be anything, from an ‘asana’ practice to walking my doggie, or painting a picture. Anything that creates a lightness and stillness within myself is where I gain clarity and become true to myself.


  • And on Sunday’a what can we find you doing?


After yoga, I love to take my doggies out for a long walk, catch up with friends and take it really easy.. I see where the day takes me, I make sure I keep it fairly free and unplanned.


  • The words you live by: LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH.

Charlotte Dodson, your next Yoga Guru.

Check-out her website, http://charlottedodson.tv/charlotte for all things Yoga, positivity & awesomeness and you can have Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom’s yoga instructor showing you how to get into downward dog.