Bowern Loves.

Travel, it leaves you speechless & then turns you into a storyteller.

Maybe it’s because the air has a new sweetness to it and the sun’s starting to tingle on the skin again.

Or maybe it’s because the water has this familiar turquoise shade and I can’t stop thinking about this town dotted along the French Coastline.

Where the time slows and life suddenly fades into sunrises and sunsets.

I still remember the first time I drove into this quaint town, the road meandering along the coast line and in between vineyards.

This little town known as Cassis.


It was twilight but the sun was still so high in the sky, there’s something about European Summer when the day just never seems to end.

The road narrowed and we turned the corner into this quaint town, we all gasped.

Fishing boats speckled in the harbour & the masts tinkering in the wind.

A clifftop at one end and the other houses perched over looking the vibrant & glistening water.

Buildings of all my favourite pastels- pink, orange and blue lined the cobbled streets.

Children squeals echoed across the street as their ice-cream all gooey, runs through their fingers.

A park filled with old gentleman and a few young ones as well.

Petanque. Petanque.

The old men mull around. Their feet sandy, their eyes eager on the game.

A boules ball flies in the air and lands with a thud in the sand & laugher runs through the air.


Breathe in and Breathe out.

The time is slowing as we wander around the tiny harbour, the water glistening & catching the last rays of the day.

The fisherman bringing in their day’s catch, the resturants along the harbour filled with laughter and beautiful chaos.

Our stomach rumbled and we grab a table right on the waterfront.

Moules Frites. Mussels and fries.

One, two, three bottles of rose’.


Our banter and obnoxious tourist streak roaring through the restaurant.

Laughter out into the night as we enjoyed the slowing of time and fresh ocean air.

Our fingers wrung with grease. More frites, always more frites.

God it feels good.. this place.


I’ll return one day & join in on that game of petanque and maybe you can come too.