Bowern Loves

Shelly Beach

I love this time of the year.

The beautiful chaos,  never-ending catch-ups & festivities.

The celebrations to start in the morning and don’t end until dusk.

The days filled and the weekends taken.

Yet, amongst the choast you need to find some time to chill out and let the minutes pass you by.

So, I know a place… where you can do just this.

It’s not quite a secret but if you don’t know how to get there, you might just miss it.

It’s in Manly but just out of the way.

Walk around a few corners and follow the bay, it’s where the curves meander and the rocks meet the ocean.

It’s in Manly but just out of the way.

The water’s will beg for a swim, the colours so deep with shades of blue and bursts of green.

Stop & breathe in the salty air and feel the cool breeze brush your face.

If you walk there every morning, you’ll see the same people laying on the rocks.

Hear their splash as they roll off the rocks and into the cool sea.


It’s quiet here, only the echoes and whisper’s of the ocean.

Keep following the path because the cove awaits.

Shelly Beach is the name of this place and one you’ll never want to leave.

Stay for an hour or even a day, roll out your towel on this shell covered cove and soak in the sweet summer’s Day.

But don’t forget your snorkel because the underwater life is incredible.

And if you get hungry, there’s a little place known as the Boathouse that delivers fresh seafood and a glass of rose.


It’s cool there, the breeze always seems to find you.

The view is one you’ve been looking at all day and suddenly you need time out of the sunshine.

Time recharge & rehydrate.

Trust me, you’ll change your afternoon plans and stay until early evening.

Because when you’re in the flow, you’ll never want to leave.