Bet on you.

I’m doing something a little rebellious at the moment. And I want you to join me in this … game?

I’m playing a game where I’m listening to the beat of my own heart. I’m ignoring the logical and the sensibility of the mind, and tuning in to my heart’s desire. See? Rebellious!

Lucky my heart hasn’t said to cut all my hair off and dye my eyebrows pink (not yet, anyway)!

Maybe you are lucky and are already there, and your heart helps you decide on all of those opportunities and chances that come your way. Lucky you! If you are like me, maybe you need a little nudge to back yourself and your heart, and to put all of the chips in your corner … I dare you!

When was the last time you truly backed yourself? Set yourself up in such a way that only amazing possibilities and dreams could flow to you? Like attracts like; energy goes where your mind and feelings are moving. So, tomorrow morning, wake up and back yourself.

Don’t open your phone and look at all the epic things those people you don’t know were doing while you were counting sheep. Trust me, you’ll never jump out of bed feeling good. You’ll end up looking at grass that looks greener and wishing your life away.

Leave your phone in the next room and, when you open your eyes, think of a feeling you want to feel during the day and let it soak through your body.

Here’s a little story for you (one that I only remembered while writing this): last year, I had a really broken leg, not a little break but a big one, and for a long time I couldn’t do all those amazing things that made me feel excited. So I listened to this super-cheesy song, Good Morning Sunshine by Alex Day three times a morning, every morning. Oh, it used to annoy my boyfriend! But I felt amazing.

“Good morning, Sunshine, I hope that you are well, honey I missed you…” Yes, it’s the cheesiest of cheese songs but it made me feel excited for the day, even though I was bedbound with no wifi (another story for another day).

Maybe your happy song doesn’t have to be as cheesy as mine, but start your day with the feeling you want to bring to yourself. Let it soak into your body and imagine it moving into everything around you. (Visualisation is so powerful.) Jump into your heart and hear what else it has to say.

If it feels good for you in the morning, move your body how you want to move it (a Bowern yoga mat would be perfect!) and then fill your body with the amazing food it craves.

One step at a time, to back yourself and make you feel good. And let’s see where your heart will take you.

To be continued.