Believing in the Unseen.

Wait, wait, wait, something is happening I cannot see… an opening, a moment, an opportunity about to flaw you.

Because when you least expect it, life and an opportunity will intervene and change your life forever.

Two weeks ago an opportunity out of the blue changed the future of a dream, a vision and a Luxury Yoga Mat Company forever.

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex were in Bondi Beach part of the Anti-Vibe Circle for Fluro Friday and as part of the circle were sitting on Bowern Yoga Mats.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were sitting on our Sportsluxe Bowern Yoga Mat & Shady Palm Bowern Yoga Mat.



Yes, this happened.

And yes it was a dream come true.

These photos were splashed across the world on the front page of every newspaper in Australia.

Bowern was soaring and even though I was in disbelief, a part of me always knew this would happen.

The same part whispered to me in my moments of disbelief, hardship and challenges.

The same part knew the remarkable was going to happen, because I dared to dream.

The same part of me believed in the the unseen.

When you believe in something that has not yet manifested, when you are the driver of your dreams, when you see the story

unfold but no-one else does.

This is when you need to believe.

It does’t matter what is happening or the set backs you are facing and how far away you are from the dream of your reality, it will

happen as long as you hold strong in you dream and the unseen.



I have shared so much of Bowern’s journey with you, in a hope to inspire and help you realise you are worth dreaming the

impossible and furthermore, achieving the impossible.

Yet, what I didn’t share was the difficulty in holding a dream and working towards a vision when others cannot see the results but

you believe in every part of you the possibility that lay before you.

When you need to find within you, the courage to go after your dreams, take steps to follow those dreams and do what you never

thought was impossible.. this is when you are getting close to the unfoldment.

This is when you get close to creating the unseen.


There will be moments of disbelief.

There will be moments when you want to leave all you have created & get a job in a small country town and life the simple life.

Because the vision you are trying to bring into this world, is so far from reality and the challenges you are facing, are so deep.

It would be easier to leave it all.

This is when you need to believe in the unseen.

You need to believe in the dream.

Because when the conversation, moment, opportunity comes, it will change you life forever and you need to be ready.

So, here is to believing in what you cannot yet see.

Hold strong and follow it every day, because when the moment comes… only you will know it is your time to rise.

Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep making the impossible possible.

Love Danielle