Believe in You.


I have strrrruuuuugggggglllleeeedddddd with this.

I ain’t got that ‘Queen’ Beyonce booty-shaking, inner-goddess confidence. Because what I’ve found is an inner love and belief in me.

The sometimes gangly, dorky, crystal, essential oil-loving, clap-out-of-time, minion-loving me and you know what… I believe it’s better than Beyonce because it’s me.

It’s taken me many years to declare this!

I know it sounds cliched and like every other inspirational quote out there but let me remind you… if you ain’t believing in your amazing self, I can guarantee you this: NO-ONE ELSE IS.

The outside world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

So, if every morning you are waking and not feeling utterly in love with every part of yourself, you might as well just go back to bed, hide under the covers and waste the day away.

How can anything go your way, for you, if you aren’t standing there believing in yourself first?

Declaring to the world, this is who I am and this is what I want.

Sounds a little crazy, right?

Trust me, it all begins with your self belief.

It isn’t something you just wake up with one morning (maybe it can be – I’d love to hear from you if you’ve suddenly woken up changed).

It’s a practice you need to show up with every single morning.

It’s a routine, a declaration to yourself, to realise anything and everything is possible and it’s possible for you.

I promise, little by little, it will get easier.

And suddenly, you won’t feel like you are walking down the main street of Bondi fully naked with all of yourself exposed.

Oh and the best part is, soon the world will also start believing in you (you must just have to lose a few miserable people who don’t but we can talk about the topic of letting go another day).

So to help you, I’ve figured out a few steps on how you can start ‘Believing in You’.

Step 1: Reality Check.

Take every single person off their pedestal you have put them on: every single celebrity, royal, sportsperson, philosopher, yoga teacher, friend, lover, parent, Instagrammer (it’s the world we live in), actress, singer, dancer, chef etc. Take them off the pedestal and put them right beside you.

“If (Insert Inspired Being) can do (Insert Dream) you most certainly can.”

Step 2: Inner strength.

There’s a phrase in Yoga called ‘Uddiyana Bandha’ and I have a little confession to make (after practising yoga for over 10 years). I’ve only just started understanding and utilising this incredible yoga technique (whoops). In yogi terminology it roughly translates to abdominal lock (tightening of your core) and in a more spiritual terminology; grasping your inner strength.

Step 3: Bravery.

You only need 5 seconds of insane courage for something amazing to happen. It all begins with confronting the one thing you’ve been avoiding or hiding from. Making the phone call, having the conversation, emailing someone, asking for help, being honest, showing the world a little more of yourself.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 every day.

And soon you’ll be stepping out a little more confidently, with your dreams a little closer… and maybe with a Beyonce swagger.