Life is a dance and it’s all about balance. Give a little, take a little and then give some more.

Sometimes you lean back a little too far and stumble. Other times, you even step on your OWN toes!

And it takes time to find the beat again. But you’ll find it.

Someone will bump you and alter your course and suddenly your slow dance turns into a tango. Work a little, wait a little, give a lot and laugh even more.

Don’t let your mind jump forwards or even backwards. It really likes to tease with the list of important things you should be doing. Don’t listen.

Let the thoughts float away, hold onto the good ones and remember to stay in the now.

One step forward, to the side and you’re moving with the flow again.

Make a list of all those things you love and do them often. Just make sure yoga, drinking tea and eating ice-cream are at the top of your list. Here’s what is at the top of our list:

  • Catch up with your favourites and then spend the afternoon soaking in a bath.
  • Follow your passion, give it your all and when the sun sets, look for shooting stars flying by.
  • Pick up your guitar and lose track of time.
  • Stop with any unnecessary lists and routines, and just let the day take you.
  • Get rid of the words busy, quick and rush.
  • Follow your dreams; don’t chase them.
  • Start your day with gratitude (even if it’s just ‘Hell, I made it through another day’).
  • High-five someone, just because you can.
  • Get your anti-bad vibe shield off the wall and wear it on your chest.
  • Drink champagne under the stars, and start the next morning with a green juice.
  • Get lost to find yourself again.
  • Stop counting your success by the number of boxes you ticked but by the number of times you laughed.
  • Let it all go. Breathe it all out & inhale the good stuff.
  • And remember, always reverse your car into the garage, so you start the day going forward.

Dance with life, find the flow and you’ll get the balance. If you don’t, life will tell you and your scales will tip.

Some days you’ll get up early and catch the sunrise. There might even be a few dolphins jumping about. Other times you’ll wake with the day’s to-do list running through your mind. Don’t accept that – roll over and start the day again.




Credit Photo: @malissafedele