5 Soul Whispers

“I was looking for someone to inspire me, motivate me, support me, keep me focused… Someone who would love me, cherish me, make me happy and I realised all along I was looking for myself.”

Like anything in life, most things never, ever go to plan.

(Actually, we should be laughing at the fact we think we can plan our way through life).

Honestly, I look back now and nearly laugh at how I’ve spent days trying to plan the next month or five years and then life throws a curve ball I never saw coming and I’m thrown to the ground… starting again.

Yet, isn’t this the beauty of life?

Hey, I was hellbent on being a TV presenter, and I spent 8 year trying to get there… oh, and I did.

WOOOOHOOO (for about a week and then life became harder than I’ve ever imagined).

Little did I realise, 3am wake-up calls and talking to an automatic camera for 8 hours of the day was not my dream.

(A chat for another day.)

Yet, the lessons I learnt, the people I met and the moments were still insanely beautiful.

When I realised this path was no longer for me and rather than resisting I let go.

Suddenly, life intervened in a few miraculous ways, and I leapt into the unknown.

One shaky step, another shaky step and another until my whole world was transformed.

My norm was now yoga, ocean swims, new love, souls sisters who understood they way I saw this world and lifted me up just like I did them.

And soon enough, Bowern was off the ground and soaring.

In a year and a half, this baby was doing more than my 8 years of hustle, grinding, pushing cement up-hill, set-backs, a few highs but mostly hard slogs in the television world.

Do you know why?

Because I let go and I found the flow, dancing with life, following the divine sparks of inspiration, living my dream and being abundant, a dance with giving and receiving, surrounding myself with people who loved life the way I did, following my heart and not my head and believing anything is possible..

These are my top five whispers to pass onto you…

  1. Do things your way. How do you like to start your day? Is it really running for 10km at 5am? Have you even asked yourself these questions? Do you like to work autonomously, around others, in an excitable environment, in a quiet one? When Bowern launched I was quite literally bedridden, so became obsessed with work: 6am post an IG and hustlling all day, but this is something that does not work for me or my body (hello Adrenal Fatigue). Starting the day on the beach, going for a swim and meeting people along the way works for me. Have a play and find the best way you can wind into your day and your life.
  2. Believe in yourself. If anything, work on this. Fake it until you make it. If it takes affirmations in the morning, dancing around to your favourite song, chanting you are the greatest… do what it takes to believe in you. The world is your reflection, so if you are waiting on others to believe in your dream, it is only ever going to stay this way.
  3. Be more than your dream. So you have a dream? Great. Amazing. Good for you. Work towards it but understand it does not define you and its successes or failures never will. You are a beautiful being in this universe and sometimes we can get a little obsessed with working towards our dreams that we forget to live. There is more to you and your life than your dream… remember this.
  4. Enjoy the ride, because it ain’t about the end result. Patience and the journey are the most incredible gifts that can be given to you. Slowly work towards your goal, know the feelings and what you want to evoke but don’t be so focused on the end result that you forget to enjoy the beautiful moments of now.
  5. Leave the unfolding to the universe. Remember to let it all go. Have a goal and work towards it, but make sure you aren’t so focused on how it will unfold that you miss the incredible opportunities flowing to you. Everything unfolds in steps.
  6. Fun. Dance. Fun. Play your favourite dance tunes, bust a move, play with life… if you are missing this point, you may as well find another dream.